how to pick aviator sunglasses for your face

Aviator shades are the best thing to show the charm of manhood, masculinity, and best suited with mustaches. Aviators were developed for U.S. fighter pilots by Ray Ban. But now aviators are not only designed for men, they have designed for women also. There are plenty of designs for aviators of different shapes and colors. You have so many options for the aviator sunglasses in the market, but picking out the ideal sunglasses for you isn’t that easy. You should know some ideal factors before buying an aviator sunglasses.

How To Pick Aviator Sunglasses For Your Face
How To Pick Aviator Sunglasses For Your Face

  1. Aviator Styles

    • Classic Teardrop: If you’re buying an aviator for rich heritage look then you must go with it. The teardrop shape aviator provides the complete blockage from the sunlight. If you have a longer face, avoid these sunglasses. They will make your face look even longer.

    • Navigator: It’s more squared off shape than the teardrop shape and will set you apart from the rest of the aviator-wearing crowd. This is the ideal choice for longer faces.

    • Sporty: If you want sporty looking style aviators while biking, driving or running, check out some sporty shaped sunglasses. Sporty shaped aviators have a squared off the bottom but lenses are wider.

  2. Aviator Material

    • Metal: The classic aviators are made with a metal frame with the finishing of brass or silver. Metal framed aviators are heavy but they are made to look cool.

    • Plastic: Check out the growing fashion designs of plastic aviator sunglasses. The frames of plastic aviator are thicker and provide you bolder, sportier style look. You can buy plastic aviator sunglasses online in India in so many cool designs and reasonable prices.

    • Mixed Material: These aviators are a mix of plastic and metal. These styles of aviators will give you both classy and sporty look.

  3. Aviator Color

    • Brown Lens: Brown lenses brighten your view and create saturation with colors so you can see details of the things better. This color allows you to wear the sunglasses early in the morning and in the less sunlight too. This is ideal for when you are driving a car or a bike.

    • Mirrored Lens: Mirrored lens provides you maximum glare protection as it can both absorbs and reflect glare.

    • Dark Gray Lens: Dark gray lenses block out light and will keep your vision clear even on the brightest days.

    • Graduated Lenses: These kinds of lenses are darker on the top, while you are driving it will provide you overhead sun reduction and are lighter on the bottom so that you can see details and sun protection too.

    • Green Lens: This is so classy aviator sunglasses. It neither saturates color nor darkens things, it’s neutral. If you are looking for a cool stylish looking aviator then go with green. You can search online for the green aviator and buy spectacles at Spectoworld in best prices.

  4. Fit Them Right

  5. Regardless what color, style, and shape you go with, the most important thing is that aviator best fit on the face. The sunglasses must fit on the nose bridge otherwise space will let the sunlight come in through your eyes. If aviator spectacles not perfectly fitted to your face, it will look drastic and weird. Try them on before buying.

I am hoping that you will remember these rules and tips whenever you go to buy aviator sunglasses. Make sure to buy aviator sunglasses from a specialized store that will perfectly suit on you.