Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Crazy About Glasses

    Many Bollywood stars are so passionate about eyewear that they unevitable add this accessory in their style in most of the functions. And it is an interesting thing about many our Bollywood stars that they never stick to only one type of glasses, they show variations in their eyewear. Below are some celebrities who are very wistful about sunglasses

    Katrina Kaif

Katerina mostly chooses sunglasses which are simple and comfortable but no matter that the sunglasses are simple she still maintains her stunning and glamorous look. One example is given in the image above.

         Amitabh Bachchan-

Amitabh bachchan should be given the credit to make broad geeky frames famous in India. Many youth are inspired from him to adopt such type of glasses, specially broad frame glasses in dark color are adopted by youth. And the reason behind this that these types of glasses can be paired with both western and ethnic wears.

         Shahrukh Khan-

How the the king of Bollywood can keep himself away from the glam of eyewear. Along with his nice dressing sense he also has a very nice sense to select eyewear for different types of outfits. I like his choice of sunglasses and he is the man in industry who inspires me to
buy sunglasses. Interesting thing about him is that he shows variation in his style on wearing different types of glasses, besides sunglasses he is also noted wearing rimless glasses at many occasions.

           Deepika Padukone-

The Bollywood diva who is at the top of her career and also at the top in b-town, also adds glasses in her style. Mostly she is seen in rimmed nerdy rectangular glasses but she has also given her presence in wayfarer sunglasses at different functions. Many girls take inspiration from her to buy sunglasses.

        Sonakshi Sinha:

The Dabangg girl of Bollywood is very passionate about geeky glasses, along with this she is also seen in classic Aviators which gives her a very cool look.