How to know if Ray Ban Sunglasses are Original

Ray Ban sunglasses are long favorite among man. They are in consistently in fashion from decades. They are a status symbol among man/boys of all age groups. Nowadays, many websites are offering Ray ban sunglasses at slashed down prices. The prices offered by them are hard to resist. Every person wants to avail these offers. However, if we get a little deeper than there are profound chances of being duped in the name of unbelievable prices. We want to protect all our customers from any such fraudulent cases by providing some useful tips that help you to know if Ray Ban sunglasses are original. They are as follows:

1.    Retail Box:
The retail boxes with the new Ray Bans have a flawless print color and image quality. In addition, you will find various kinds of manufacturer related information such as barcode, model name, and Ray Ban frame and lens description.

2.    Case:
The Ray Ban sunglasses are packed in a brown case with a printed logo. Look for the logo and identify its genuineness with magnifying lens.

3.    Temple Arm:
There is a printed line mentioned on temple arm of the ray ban sunglasses. It includes model name, model number and various sizing details.  

4.    Lens Sticker:
The Ray Ban sunglasses come with an exclusive lens sticker. It’s quoted with “100% UV Protection” and “Sunglasses with Luxottica”. Watch out for exact wordings and genuine sticker. Also, check for the trademark ‘R’ present in the right position, just before the temple arm.

5.    Nose Pad:
The Ray Ban initials ‘R.B’ can be find in a miniature form below the nose pad. If the initials are inscribed correctly then your frame is genuine and valid.

6.    Nose Bar :
‘Ray-Ban’ is also inscribed under the side of metal nose bar with a code. Compare the code with the code mentioned on the inside left arm. If both codes get matched, then your sunglasses are genuine.

Conclusion: Read all the above instructions carefully that help you to know if Ray Ban Sunglasses are original. If your sunglasses came out clean then get ahead without any doubt. Best of luck from our side!

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