Glass Frames According to Your Face Shape

Vera Wang has aptly said, “To me eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It’s like make up. It’s the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance.” This is not just true for Vera Wang but almost for all of us.  

We all love our eyes, since it’s the organ of our body that lets us see the world, the colors, the beauty of nature and everything else in this world. Many of us, though suffer from weak eyesight and other eye related problems. Prescription sunglasses in India are one of the most common things. Every second person is prescribed for sunglasses. To this, the ultimate solution bestowed on humans is, to wear glasses or lenses. This write up is for all those who wear glasses and love it, glasses is their style statement, glasses is one of the things they experiment with in their attire, glasses for each dress and what else I say, glasses is much more than this for them. And yes, I must not forget to mention that this blog is also for all those who have been searching and finding which glass frame will suit them best.  

All of our face shapes are different. Some have a rectangle face shape while some have oval. But whatever your face shape might be, there is a glass frame that suits you best and unfailing will enhance your style. Still, there are many who choose the best lenses for eyeglasses in India. But for glasses to enhance your style and to make you look astounding, you need to be extra cautious while choosing your glass frames. Scroll down and see the various face shapes and the best glass frames to each face cut. 

•    Oval Face Shape: 

Oval face shape is the most balanced face shape, since it is believed that this face shape has the entire features in proportion. The cheekbones of shaped people are usually high and the face length is approximately 1.5 times the width. The chin is more rounded than the forehead. This kind of face shape people seems to be the lucky ones. They can try all types of glass frames. Still, out of all, the best glasses for them would be the ones that are square and rectangular. The only thing these people need to keep in mind is to not get a frame that is too small or too big, that it doesn’t compliment their face shape.

•    Square Face Shape


A face with square shape has proportionate width and length of the face. Square shape has jaw line, cheek bones, and forehead in absolute angels. People with square face shape needs to be extra cautious. They should choose frame that makes their face angles softer and their face longer. Fames that are oval or round shaped will do well with this face shape. Particularly choose narrow frames that are wider in depth. Also bold colors will look flamboyant for this face shape. If you will focus on enhancing the look of any prominent feature of your face than that would be even greater. 

•    Round Face Shape:

 This face shape has all the things in proportion, be it the width or the length. It has rounded chin and wide forehead, which is why they are called round face. Cheeks are fuller and less angular. People with round cheeks should wear glasses frames that make their face look longer and thinner. Frames that have strong angular shapes like the ones which have glasses that are wider than the depth. A slight upsweep frames like cat-eye frames will also do well with round face shapes. Fames that are too short or are of round shape are a strict no to this face type. 

•    Heart Face Shape: 

A face shape that has a broad forehead and narrow jaw line is exactly a heart face shape. The cheekbones of this face type are higher. The frames for this face shape are the ones that oval or round shaped. These frames will help the people with this face type in balancing the width of their upper face. A tip for people with this face shape is that they should pick frames that are of lighter shades. Dark shades will not cover the width and will appear to be the only prominent part of your face. Also keep the frame simple yet sophisticated. 

•    Diamond Face Shape:


It is one of the rarest face shapes. The eye lines and jaw line being narrow and cheek bones the higher, these are the diamond-shaped faces. Also, their jaw line is angular. The purpose for people with this face shape is to bring to light the eyes and soften the cheeks so that their face looks in absolute proportion. Frames that have detailed or distinctive brow lines will help you achieve this purpose. Also, people with face shape should try rimless, oval shape, and cat-eye shape frames. To add charisma to your looks, try oversized frames. 

•    Triangle Face Shape:  


Triangle face shape is the one which is widest at the jaw and narrow at the forehead. This face shape can be seen ordinarily. People with triangle face shape should choose frames that are heavier at the top, so that the jaw line and the forehead are well balanced. Brow line or cat-eye frames will be best to choose. Also frames that are oversized will do its job well in balancing the facial proportions.
So these are some of the face shapes and the kind of frames according to face shape. You should pick the best frame for yourself from the SpectoWorld. SpectoWorld offers prescription sunglasses in India, best contact lenses for eyeglasses in India, and much more. Be the one to choose best from best place.

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