Tap into Your Stylish Side with Designer Sunglasses - For Men

Designer sunglasses have long been a favorite thing among men. We have to accept the fact that sunglasses hold a different and distinct spot in the eyewear. There are many sunglasses companies out there. The top most of them are Ray Ban, Armani, Espirit and Trussardi. Here is a list of the types of designer sunglasses for men available in India and outside countries:

1.     Wayfarer sunglasses
Wayfarer sunglasses are famous across the world for their modern designer frame which suits all kinds of men of all age groups. It has been in fashion since 1950’s, when they were first introduced. From then onwards it has been in fashion many-a-times. Since 2007, they are consistently showcased in various in fashion weeks by top designers around the world.

Wayfarers according to the facial shapes:

·         Square shaped faces: Slightly curved wayfarer frames are the ideal choice.
·         Elongated face shapes: Big round frames are perfect, as they make the face look smaller and stylish.
·         Diamond shaped faces: Classic wayfarers with a little curved frames
·         Triangular shaped faces: Wayfarers must have detailed design on brows to compliment this facial shape.
·         Oval face shape: They can easily sport any style and shape of the wayfarer easily.

2.     Aviator sunglasses
Aviators are one of the most popular sunglasses for men. Aviator sunglasses are primarily famous among avid travelers and the tough kind of people. They are in fashion since 1930, when the fashion company Ray Ban was first founded. Ray Ban has popularized Aviator sunglasses to innumerable number of people across the globe. It is still one of the top sunglasses brand for men worldwide.
Aviator frames according to the facial shapes:

·         Teardrop:
These are the classic aviator shades for which they are famous. You can buy a teardrop aviator if you want to become a part of the rich and virile heritage the brand possesses. These are ideal for short and round faces.

·         Navigator: It’s has a bit more of the squared shape and different from others. American Optical is rather more famous for this aviator variant, instead of Ray Ban i.e. the founding company of the Aviators. This is an ideal shape for men with longer faces.

·         Sporty: Persons with active lifestyle should take them in retention. Ideal for those, who want to stick to the Classical frame with a little bit of the sporty outlook thrown in.

3.     Polaroid Sunglasses
Polaroid is a late invention then the aviator and the wayfarer. They are very helpful while driving or roaming around sun kissed areas like frozen land or an arid desert. They reduce the glare to the minimum possible extent and become a useful companion in the drive-through.
Polaroid was popularized by the Style mark manufactures, part of the Italian group Saflip.

Conclusion: You can choose from any of the above mentioned frames list. First select the best sunglasses brand for men and then choose your ideal frame type. Happy shopping guys!