Various Types of Eyeglass Lenses : Choose Best Suited for You

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The frame you are choosing for your eyes must be comfortable and good looking both at the same time. You should actually keep in mind four important factors. Those are : comfort, appearance, vision and safety.

The various types of Eye Glass lenses are :

Glass Lenses : In the starting of Spectical technology all eyeglass lenses were made of glass. They are still used and are exceptionally good for vision correction. But the disadvantage with them is heaviness and vulnerability to break easily.

Plastic Lenses : Plastic lenses were lightweight lenses which were discovered in the 40s. They were of half the weight of glass lenses, less costly and have good optical resolution qualities.

Polycarbonate Lenses : Polycarbonate was actually made for the bulletproof glass and much more pressure resistant than the other lenses. This made them the obvious choices for the carefree and reckless people and were often chosen as the sportswear. Thus they don't even break when came under the foot.

Hyper Index plastic lenses : These are much more lightweight and consisting of thin material as compared to all other lens material. They have a refractive index of more than 1.70.

Some other cafeterias for eye protection :

UV Blocker : Your eyeglasses must essentially be UV resistant. This will protect your eyes in the long run if you sit on a computer/screen for more than 8 hours per day.
Anti Reflective coating : It is a coating which is applied to the surface of the lens and reduces the level of reflection significantly. If you will compare a non coated lens with the coating enabled then you can note the tinted reflection from the coated anti-reflectant lens. It also depends on the quality of coating.

Anti-Scratch Coating : Anti-scratch coating makes your fiber almost as scratch-resistant as glass lenses.

Take expert advice
Always take your doctor's advice before trying a new type of lens material for your eyes.
So in the end we want to tell you that, its better to be a little cautious in the matter of your eyes. Make a well informed decision keeping all the do's and don'ts in mind. In today's fast world, we have very less time to go to the shop and buy physically. So like foreign countries,we now have the facility to buy eyeglasses online in India. Visit Spectoworld online, to break free from all off-line buying hassles.