FAQ Sunglasses

The Sunglasses are the most versatile eye-accessories you can buy. They protect your eyes, personate your face and make you look cool and chic. Whilst picking and shopping the sunglasses, myriad of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) evolve into your mind. Let’s have a look at some…

·         Why should I choose Prescription Sunglasses?
Driving down the road on the hot sizzling day, without the sunglasses is like a resistance amidst the way. The scorching rays of the sun won’t allow you to take pleasure in driving. Plus, you have your eyesight weak. In such circumstances, the Prescription Sunglasses are proved boon for you. It is a par-excellent to have one in such situations.
Although, the contact lens is also a good choice, but while swimming and at the beach where your eyes can be itchy and watery as you combat the consequences of the sand, sun wind and water, the Optical Glasses are the perfect options. To make your trip groovy and gloomy, wearing the Prescriptions Sunglasses is the most pragmatic outdoor alternative.

·         Can you provide me the effective tips to keep my Polaroid Sunglasses and other optical glasses more durable in India?
Whilst choosing the sunglasses, pick up according to how nicely they fit your face. Guys, whichever are the sunglasses or the optical glasses, keeping and maintaining them is a quintessential element.

1.    Purchase corkies or a sunglass lanyard:
Try this, friend! This will keep your sunglasses safe from the water. At maximum times, this will also allow the sunglasses float.

2.    Look cautiously while buying:
Wearing the Polaroid sunglasses gives you the touch and feel of the trendy and path breaking sun glare resistance technology. It assists you to provide anti-glare vision plus is a shield against the detrimental UV rays of the sun. Keeping it safely will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of your Polaroid sunglasses.

3.    Must-have case or cover:
Keep it wrapped in its case when not in use. Do not place it any spot without perceiving it.
4.    Keep your lenses neat and hygienic:
Use the connected lens cloth to make it clean at the regular intervals. Don’t even strive to use your shirt or any other cloth, as it might have the dirt-particles that may lead the scratches on your lenses.

·         What is the return policy on the Sun Glasses on your online boutique in India?
We have the easy return policy for our customers. You have 6 days to return the product for free from the date of the order. Meanwhile, explore our website for acquiring more alternatives and pick the other one.

·         Can you provide me the information about the lenses and the sunglasses, you use for the sunglasses?
Yes, it’s your full right to know about the lenses and the sunglasses. After all, you are our customer or buyer and the product catalog is for you. Let us know about the product you are going to buy and we will provide you the entire and the correlated details about the specified product, either is the lens or the sunglasses.

·         Other queries regarding the shipment status
The shipment details are the most prevalent queries of a customer. While ordering the product, many questions may evolve in your mind, like:
1.    When will the order reach to me?
2.    How can I track my order?
3.    Is it guaranteed that I will receive my order in the same secured condition?
4.    Are my profile details be secured with you?
Look, your shipment details will be sent to you after placing the order and as per your personal details, they are protected with us. Need not to worry!